Saturday, 2 May 2015


Salutations, welcome to the Timberyard! And no, there aren't a lot of lumberjacks here, it's a ruddy coffee shop thing!
This one is another that I'd tried to get in once before and failed because it was too gosh darned popular! A mac user heaven, the computers nearly outnumber the people in here. It makes me envious but not because I'm not an apple girl.
However this time we were lucky and just as we came in a couple were leaving. We ordered stuff and it was brought over quickly to our newly nabbed table.... A chocolate slab thingy, a latte and a pot of tea. Delush.
The tea had a five minute timer to go with it to tell you when your coffee was brewed, which was cute. Tea ponce ahoy!

The coffee was nice (not woooooooow but very slurping) and everything is presented well on a nice little boardy thing. Places these days need to present food and drink on planks of wood..I'm far from complaining but it's probably rarer now without one. Chocolate slab thing was very rich and dark chocolatey. Worth the money..three pounds and something . 
Cool chairs and great atmosphere, could easily stay here all day chatting and I plan to bring a few friends here in future to do just that.
They've got tons more cakes to try next time and believe me...I'll be back.

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