Monday, 4 May 2015

The Chesterfield - NEW OPENING - Bow

There's a new coffee shop round the corner from my flat, it opened on Thursday 30 April (my birthday, ooh) and it's already been a food filled bank holiday weekend so we thought we'd try it out today. From the outside, it looks nice - all bricky and leathery and wooden which is always welcomed by my peepers.   The tables are sort of random shapes and types, not like a chain where everything matches and there are leather sofas dotted throughout the place, plus a kids section with toys and things in the back to keep sprogs busy.
The Chesterfield has a pretty tasty looking sandwich menu and a little cake muffin cookie selection too. We went for their salt beef sandwich and the salami cheese and gherkin to share half of each between us... Both were nice but the salt beef won by miles. The salami didn't really have enough salami for my liking and tasted mainly of pickle and cheese, both of which I like, but that's not what you pay the money for really. The salt beef was thick, a lot of it, moisttttt and tasty... Would definitely order that one again but unsure on the salami. Good but needs mo' meat.
The coffee I had was the Brazilian bean thing (as recommended) and servings come in 8 or 10oz. I picked 10 and assume that's a large? Just a mug full which is fine with me but I wonder what the actual difference is.. Is the 'oz' just a 'different' way of saying regular or large? It was nice anyway.
We finished the sarnies and, as it's a nice place to sit, I went to get us some muffins (£1.80 a pop) to chew on. Banana for one and chocolate for the other. Both get a thumbs up! We also got tea and for £2 you get a filter pot thing full which gives you one and a half large cups,  all fresh leaf tea too which is nice to see. The milk is served in maybe a double size shot glass which makes for messy pouring but just have a serviette to hand in case it goes all over the table as it did with us.
So far this place gets my approval (wow, I'm so mighty with my approval) and it'll be a treat having this a minute from my doorstep. I'm sure I will try more of their goodies and post follow up soon.

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