Sunday, 6 September 2015

FlatIron Steak - Denmark St, no misteak.

Oh my jeez. Okay. I'd heard of this place and it had been on my 'go-to' radar for a while but for some reason I just hadn't been.

We were looking up places to eat in Soho and came across this name again. Bargain tenner for a flat iron steak and people rave about it, so we thought let's give it a crack.

We stood like idiots on Denmark St for a few minutes trying to find the restaurant front but our eyes started working and we saw this interesting looking restaurant peeping put with it's subtle name sign.

So, I'd checked their twitter before we'd gone in as I heard there were usually queues to get in...but we arrived around 3pm and it was clear to grab a table for four. There were specials up today of wagyu burger (£15) and short rib (£14) and the only main on the permanent menu was flat iron steak (£10). Perfect size menu for me. Sides were £2.50-3.50 which I think is pretty reasonable too.

The server was knowledgeable and told us where the cows came from, which bits the meat comes from and other bits and bobs which was a nice touch. She recommended medium rare for the steaks so I went with her suggestion (though I'm usually a rare kind of gal) and chucked some creamed spinach in as my side. They'd also put some popcorn on the table as a free sharer picky thing which was lush. I thought it tastes slightly beefy and looked it up later to find it was beef dripping popcorn! SWOON!

We didn't have to wait long until the food arrived and PHEWPH it was mouth watering. Awesome steak, little salad cup and the creamed spinach (a first try for me) was ace. I pinched a few chips from my eating companions and the chips were fab too, though I am glad I ordered spinach for something different. The beef was sliced and presented on a flat iron, and each diner had a mini cleaver branded Flat Iron to use during their meal which was a great little touch and a photo point.

All in all I'll definitely be back to FlatIron again and will recommend it to my carnivorous friends. Awesome price and really lovely food, set in a cosy restaurant where everything is presented splendidly. Well done!


Twitter: @flatironsteak