Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Bunnychow...Take 2

Awwite guvs,

Back to Bunnychow I went last weekend

Ordered through DineIn as I had a £10 off voucher but when we arrived they said there was an issue as they hadn't updated their menu so all the sides were now £2.50 up from £1 and they would give different quantities. Rather than mess about too much they just gave us half portions but I thought that was a little strange!

I asked about taking the sultanas out of the rice or sultana free as I had asked about that on Instagram and I'd been replied to with a "just ask for rice without sultanas as they aren't in our sauces". Apparently they don't do a separate non sultana'd rice (just an FYI!) so the lady behind the counter said they would do me a bunny with no rice and more meat - woohoo!

The stuff arrives, yay! Foods!

Digging into my pork bunny and then....ew....sultana...dig to the bottom and they gave me rice. With sultanas. ARGH!! I didn't complain as we'd got the whole meal for about a fiver with the free £10 code I'd been given but I did find it really annoying having to pick through the rice again especially after specifically asking. :(

Overall though the Peri-peri  Pork Bunny was good and not overly spicy. I previously had the Durban which I wasn't really a fan of, but I would definitely have this one again the next time I visit. My last favourite (Bang Cluck Bunny) hasn't yet been topped and I am hoping that it will come back soon - that shizz was addictive!

The rib side order was nice (you get two in a portion) but a bit lardy and I did find some chunks of fat in the bunny itself so I had to make a little fat pile to put aside -  lovely picture included for you!


I cant remember what these were...but they were nice. Sorry for my lack of detail but it's a tasty photo, eh!?

Until next time Bunnychow.... psst...bring back the Bang Cluck Bunny!!!

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